08 Oct 2019

“Mandoria“: A New Theme Park Rises in Poland

“Mandoria“: A New Theme Park Rises in Poland

Mandoria, City of Adventures is the name of a completely new theme park, which is already under development on an approx. 50-hectare large site in the Polish city of Lodz and is set to open its first phase of development – a 15,000 square-meter large indoor park – in summer next year. The theme of the new leisure destination, which will be open year-round, is the era of the Renaissance in Europe – visitors will be immersed into the year of 1520, the “Age of Discovery”, when global trade routes were opening over land and sea, turning Mandoria in a rich trade city in the heart of Poland …

Polish PTAK S.A. company, operator of the Ptak Fashion City shopping mall in Rzgów, is the investor behind the project. For the first stage of development the investment sum is estimated at around 108 million PLN (approx. 25 million EUR). “Mandoria will invite everyone to wander the Bazar to find wonderful trade from all over the world, roam the many corners of Mandoria and meet friendly citizens enjoying the good life of the City. All you have to do is to buy your visa at the gates, exchange your foreign currency in the Bank of Mandoria for Mandorian Ducats, and rise through the ranks of the Trade Council,” reveals project director Daniel Heinst. He adds, “[…] we have decided to deliver a unique place and extraordinary quality never seen before in Poland.”

An international team consisting of experienced theme park industry professionals as well as experts out of retail, food and beverage, park management and marketing is working on the creation of Mandoria. (eap)

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