26 Jul 2023

10 Million Bathing Guests at Schinkelbad Osnabrück

10 Million Bathing Guests at Schinkelbad Osnabrück

Zehnmillionster Badegast im Schinkelbad: Imke Dransmann und ihre Kinder Tilda und Titus freuen sich über das Überraschungspaket aus der Hand von Stadtwerke-Bäderchef Wolfgang Hermle (rechts) und Schinkelbad-Leiter Jens Eick (links).

(eap) Imke Dransmann and her two children were visibly surprised when she was personally greeted by Stadtwerke baths manager Wolfgang Hermle and Schinkelbad manager Jens Eick during her visit to the Schinkelbad Osnabrück in Lower Saxony, Germany. As the ten millionth visitor since the Schinkelbad opened in 1976 the Osnabrück resident was presented with a bouquet of flowers and a gift package including a value voucher.

Opened as the Hallengartenbad, the Schinkelbad underwent extensive renovation in the early 2000s and the bathing facilities focus shifted to health and wellness. As a result, visitors find a physiotherapy centre on the upper floor since 2003 and a 32-degree saline pool in the bath since 2011. In addition, the Schinkelbad has a steam bath, a textile sauna as well as a course pool and a sports area. Thus, the bath is broadly positioned and a popular destination for both families and senior citizens. Around a quarter of a million guests now visit the bath each year. ■

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