15 May 2024

AI-Supported Real-Time Ride Monitoring at Movie Park

AI-Supported Real-Time Ride Monitoring at Movie Park

(eap) After a test phase on two rides since August 2023, Movie Park Germany (part of the Parques Reunidos group) has decided to implement the new Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based “DMT RideGuard” system. The solution, which was developed by Germany’s DMT GmbH & Co. KG – a TÜV Nord Group company – is now being launched on the market as an AI-supported real-time monitoring system for rides that promises seamless monitoring of vibrations, shocks and movements. As a further component in a park’s safety management, which includes measures such as daily visual inspections, regular checks and maintenance work as well as comprehensive checklists, the DMT RideGuard tool is also designed to enable more efficient maintenance. Based on IoT sensor technology and AI algorithms, the system continuously records all relevant data on a ride and transmits it to a cloud-based application in real time. This gives park operators a comprehensive overview of the condition of their attractions and helps them to recognise and rectify potential risks at an early stage.

“Thanks to DMT RideGuard, amusement park operators can now monitor their rides in real time for the first time. Our system enables targeted planning of maintenance intervals and reduces possible downtimes, which leads to increased availability of the attractions. The already high safety standards are not only met, but even improved. This can create additional confidence among visitors,” explains Konrad Widera, Product Manager for DMT RideGuard.

Carsten Prang, Technical Manager at Movie Park Germany, summarises after the test phase: “DMT RideGuard enables constant monitoring of our rides in a form that has never been seen before. This feature of continuous measurement is a great advantage. The system reports automatically and informs us of any deviations. This is a great support for us in our day-to-day operations.”

AI-supported solutions are now increasingly being used in industry, including the leisure sector. We report on intelligent tools for swimming pool safety, AI in the creative design process and in gastronomy in our latest EAP magazine issue – click here to check out its topics and get your print copy or ePaper to read more! ■

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