17 May 2023

BadringsBumpers: Skara Sommarland with New Bumper Car Attraction

(eap) Just in time for the start of the season, the Skara Sommarland amusement park (in Axvall, Västra Götaland province), which belongs to the Swedish operator group Parks & Resorts Scandinavia, will open a new attraction for its guests on June 3: “BadringsBumpers”. This year’s novelty is a 250-square-meter bumper car ride that will feature a total of 15 round individual vehicles. For smoother collisions, the battery-powered vehicles are each fitted with air-filled tubes all around. The cars can be controlled by the guests via joystick. The attraction is supplied by Italy’s Sela Group.

“It’s fantastic that we can offer our visitors a really fast and fun new attraction this year. Who doesn’t like driving, spinning around and then collide with friends? It will be so much fun to see how our new BadringsBumpers are received by guests from the season opening,” says Christine Karmfalk, CEO of Skara Sommarland. ■

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