30 Jun 2022

Sweden: Gröna Lund Receives Green Light for Park Expansion

Sweden: Gröna Lund Receives Green Light for Park Expansion

The expansion plans of Gröna Lund include, amongst other things, a public waterfront promenade.

As has just been announced, the competent Land and Environmental Appeal Court today has delivered its judgment, according to which the submitted development plan by Gröna Lund has now been approved. Thus the Stockholm amusement park has finally been given the green light to transform its car park area into a new theme park area. “This is a historic moment for both Gröna Lund and Stockholm,” says Johan Tidstrand, owner of Gröna Lund.

The court case, which has lasted more than six years, is now over and Gröna Lund can finally start further planning for the construction of a new amusement park area on the adjacent parking lot. The new park area could be completed in four to five years, says Christer Fogelmarck, CEO of Parks and Resorts Scandinavia. We spoke to Christer Fogelmarck about the project already in an interview published in EAP 5/2018. (eap)

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