16 Mar 2023

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Announces Reopening of Its Iconic “Valhalla” Dark Ride

Blackpool Pleasure Beach Announces Reopening of Its Iconic “Valhalla” Dark Ride

The British Blackpool Pleasure Beach theme park has announced the return of its iconic “Valhalla” dark ride this season. The water ride from manufacturer Intamin was opened in 2000 and since then, until its temporary closure in 2019, has been thrilling visitors to the park and never let them go dry. However, water is not the only element of the dark ride; fire and ice are also part of the experience. In April 2023, the modernized attraction can be experienced by its fans, first during technical rehearsals – meaning that some elements of the ride may not be functioning, or the ride will not be operated intermittently throughout the day. Guests can look forward to new features and surprises, as well as a modernized ride whose character has not been lost.

“We know how long fans have been waiting for us to announce the reopening of Valhalla, and we’re confident they won’t be disappointed with our reimagining of one of the country’s best-loved rides. The team has been hard at work behind the scenes, and we can’t wait to have the famous Valhalla waterfall back on in the park once more. Guests will be able to experience the ride through technical rehearsals this April. Valhalla has well and truly been given the reimagining it deserves, now boasting some exciting new features and impressive sustainability credentials to help ensure the ride is more environmentally friendly – without compromising on the sense of adventure for which it’s been known for many years,” comments Amanda Thompson, CEO of Blackpool Pleasure Beach. (eap)

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