11 May 2006

Bora Bora: Ecologically State-of-the-Art Luxury Hotel


The example of the new Intercontinental Hotel in Bora Bora shows that the termini “ecology” and “sustainability” so often used in Central Europe have triggered global contemplation and achieved some ingenious results: an innovative, environmentally-friendly cooling system was installed here, which could surely find some imitation in other locations south of the equator. To keep the traditional energy input for the cooling systems in more than 80 over-water bungalows low while simultaneously conserving Mother Nature, a piping performance system was installed above the outer edge of a reef, which pumps four-degree Celsius cold water 850 metres up to the surface. The entire holiday resort can thus be supplied with sufficient cooling. With the help of a special desalination procedure, the water pumped from the ocean’s depths can also be used as drinking water thanks to its high degree of purity. (eap)


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