06 May 2014

Compagnie des Alpes Group Sells Stake in Looping Group

In April, French Compagnie des Alpes group (CdA), operator of 15 leisure and theme parks in Europe, announced that it has sold its 30 percent stake in the Looping Group for 9.7 million Euros to HIG Capital France. CdA had already sold the majority stake of 70 percent with the sale of seven theme and leisure parks to HIG Capital France, founder of Looping Group, in 2011 (cf. EAP news from 16 Feb 2011). Over the last few years Looping Group has evolved into an important theme park operator in Europe. France’s Cobac Parc as well as the Spanish Isla Mágica are meanwhile also part of the Looping Group. CdA states that it wants to focus on the theme parks over which it has control. Furthermore CdA announced to have signed an agreement with the Japanese MacEarth company, which operates 28 ski stations, 24 resorts and two golf courses in Japan, to work together on developing its resorts. (eap)

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