20 Mar 2023

ESU Congress 2023

ESU Congress 2023

After almost three years, the 42nd ESU Congress, which was attended by participants from nine nations, could take place again in presence. After the problems of the Corona pandemic were evaluated, the European showmen dedicated themselves to the current and future tasks. These include, for example, EU education projects for the next generation of showmen. The ESU Deputy General Secretary and member of board of the European education projects for the next generation of showmen, Nina Crommelin highlighted the “fantastic cooperation of the ESU nations” in representing showmen’s interests to the European Union. As an example, the representative mentioned the inclusion of the group “occupational travelers” in the final version of a resolution of the Council of Europe to improve the educational situation of children and young people.

In addition, the associations from France and Portugal were unanimously accepted into the ESU. Another topic at the meeting was the “Future 4 Fairgrounds” campaign, which was presented by the British showwomen Joannie Peaks and Bernice Wall. The campaign, which aims to inform politicians and the public about current showman topics as well as the cultural and social importance of fairgrounds, was launched during the Corona pandemic and has since successfully used social media for its public relations work.

However, not only current topics were discussed at the three-day association meeting in Monaco, but also a new presidium was elected. Albert Ritter, President of the German Showmen’s Association, was re-elected President of the ESU by a majority in Monte Carlo. He was followed by the re-elected Vice Presidents Atze Lubach-Koers and Charles Senn. New in office, however, are Vice Presidents Alex James Colquhoun and Are Arnardo. Steve Severeyns remains in his role as General Secretary and his deputy Nina Crommelin also stays in her position. In addition, the president of the Showmen’s Women’s Union, Rosa Severeyns was confirmed in her position and Bernhard Parpalioni was elected as the new president of the Showmen’s Youth Union. (eap)

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