11 Nov 2022

England: Last Ride of Alton Towers` Inverted Coaster “Nemesis“

England: Last Ride of Alton Towers` Inverted Coaster “Nemesis“

The last ride of the “Nemesis“ Inverted Coaster took place at Alton Towers Resort in Staffordshire, England, on November 6th. The ride by B&M, which opened in 1994, was the first inverted coaster in Europe and has been attracted visitors to the theme park until his last day of operation. At up to 50 mph (80 km/h), forces of 3.5 G acted on the passengers, who were sent through numerous twists and turns as well as four inversions. The coaster will now undergo a major renovation. Some lovers of the ride now had the chance to experience this exciting ride for the last time before being rebuilt. Around 15,000 fans applied in advance, and a few of them were lucky enough to be part of the last ride alongside John Wardley, the ride‘s creator. 

© Fabio De Paola In line with the coaster‘s thematic history, the final ride was presented as an event with a matching story. Dressed in orange boiler suits, the final group was sent out on the ride as “final test specimens.“ “It was wonderful so many people came for Nemesis’s big send off. The legendary rollercoaster has been thrilling fans and visitors since 1994 so it’s understandable so many wanted to take one final ride before it undergoes its exciting revamp. We can’t reveal too much at the moment but more details will be revealed ahead of its spectacular return in 2024,“ Alton Towers Resorts Head of Guest Excellence, Kate McBirnie, sums up the final ride. (eap)

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