14 Sep 2023

EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach Gets Parking Lot Photovoltaic Plant

EurothermenResort Bad Schallerbach Gets Parking Lot Photovoltaic Plant

Wirtschafts- und Energielandesrat Markus Achleitner (l.) und Eurothermen-Geschäftsführer Mag. Patrick Hochhauser

© Eurothermen (eap) The EurothermenResort in Bad Schallerbach in Upper Austria is building a 6,000 square meter solar park – the largest of its kind in terms of size in the federal state. The plant is expected to produce some 1.3 million kilowatt hours of electricity per year, which is equivalent to the annual electricity consumption of more than 550 households. The thermal spa will use this electricity to meet its own needs, which would save about 470 tons of CO2 per year. The plant will be built on an existing parking lot, where a total of 400 new PV carport parking spaces will be created by December.

“We bear responsibility for the region and thus also for our environment. Therefore, we as Eurothermen are eager to contribute something to climate protection. With the implementation of the Eurothermen solar park, we can now considerably expand the sustainability of our energy concept and thus achieve an annual CO2 saving to the extent of approx. 3,200 tons in total. If we can also reduce our energy costs as a result, that is a nice side effect,” says Eurothermen Managing Director Mag. Patrick Hochhauser.

“I am delighted that Eurothermen is so consistently pursuing the path of sustainability. More so, as this is also one of the central themes of our state tourism strategy. We are very proud of this showcase project, which is exemplary for this innovative region,” says the Regional Councilor of Economy and Energy, Markus Achleitner. ■

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