30 Mar 2024

Filmpark Babelsberg Kicks off Season with New Scary Adventure

Filmpark Babelsberg Kicks off Season with New Scary Adventure

Abb.: Courtesy of Filmpark Babelsberg

Die Ausstellung „Geschichte der Traumfabrik“ wird um eine Kostüm-Galerie erweitert. / Foto: Courtesy of Filmpark Babelsberg (eap) Autumn is not the only time for scary fun, thought the team at Filmpark Babelsberg, located near Potsdam, and is kicking off the season just in time for Easter on March 30 with the announcement of a new scary adventure – “Curse of the Triton”.

The Filmpark, which first opened on the Babelsberg studio grounds in 1991 after the German reunification as a “film and TV experience”, had prepared parts of the props collection and some outdoor decorations to bring people closer to the world of film and an important piece of German film history as well as cinematic craftsmanship. Friedhelm Schatz, well-known in the industry for decades, was there from the very beginning – until 1999 as Managing Director and now Managing Partner. With more than 20 film-specific attractions, shows, 4D and XD cinemas as well as original backdrops and exhibition areas, the park was able to draw a positive sales balance at the end of last year.

The team of the Schatz family’s now owner-managed company is delighted to be able to open the doors for the 2024 season with many new program items. “We are rolling out the red carpet for our guests, so to say. We have made the most of the winter and listened very carefully to our guests’ suggestions,” explains Malte Schatz, Head of Operations at the Filmpark. In the action cinema, two new films are set to thrill: “Mowgli – The Jungle Book” for young movie fans and “Ready Player One” – action-packed, especially for the older ones. “Our three live shows are a guarantee for action, fun and entertainment. The making-of show ‘A crazy day of filming’ in particular has been given a new script – a bit more interactive for our guests,” enthuses Malte Schatz. The “History of the Dream Factory” exhibition will be expanded to include a costume gallery. The make-up, costume and set construction trades give an idea of how perfect film illusions can be created. A special installation of props from various Babelsberg productions of the recent past deliberately focuses on the creative minds and the production processes of the props, the park promises.

With “Curse of the Triton”, a new labyrinth will open soon, which is home to a spooky story: according to the storyline, the former research submarine Triton, which had contact with an unknown life form on its last voyage, is now moored in Dock 8 and is a popular destination for excursions... However, curious visitors are warned that a tour is not completely safe, because on some days – according to the storyline – strange things happen inside the submarine... “It’s not just Halloween that’s scary and frightening,” says Malte Schatz about the new attraction. A combination of experienced monster actors and animatronics supplied by Poison Props from Minneapolis, USA, make this attraction a scary and beautiful experience. “The script has been written, the cast is completed and we are ‘ready to go’!” Malte Schatz and his team are looking forward to welcoming guests. ■

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