02 Jul 2012

Florida / USA: Celebrating 50 Years of Kennedy Space Center

Fifty years ago, on July 1, Florida’s space center was officially opened under the name of Launch Operation Center, later renamed Kennedy Space Center (KSC) in honor of the President. In celebration of the 50th anniversary, the KSC Visitor Complex is offering guests many special offers. Since November 2011 visitors have been able for the first time to leave the tour buses and to go inside the “Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB)”, the 160 meter tall building where the Apollo Saturn V rockets and space shuttles were assembled once. Visitors can also continue watching rocket launches at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, this year, ten launches are planned, including commercial space flight. In July 2013, a 6,000 square meter large exhibition will be opened at KSC Visitor Complex. Space shuttle “Atlantis”, which ended its last mission to the ISS in 2011, will be part of the exhibition as a permanent attraction. (eap)

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