17 Mar 2022

Germany: SPREE Interactive Adds New Family-Friendly “Anteater Picnic Panic“ VR Game to SPREE Arena Content Library

Nuremberg-based SPREE Interactive, a specialized developer of VR content, has just launched a sequel of its populer “Anteater“ VR family game, dubbed “Anteater Picnic Panic“. The new content available for the SPREE Arena platform encourages strategy and teamwork as users (aged six years and above) as their Anteater avatars must defend the tasty picnic that is under attack from vengeful ants. The game lasts three minutes, during which the players need to find a team strategy to pick as many ants as possible with their “elongated snouts“. Depending on the SPREE Arena configuration, up to six or ten players can participate in the game play.

“We have brought the Anteaters back in a fun new scenario, where players need to strategize in their Anteater avatar and work together to protect their delicious picnic from thieving insects. With seasonal content and additional features, the game is set in a rich environment for the whole family to engage in social, active fun,“ comments Sarah Stief, Head of Content, SPREE Interactive. A first seasonal release will become available as the Easter edition, with further new seasonal versions planned to be released throughout the year. (eap)

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