20 May 2021

Germany: SURFTOWN® MUC: New Large-Scale Surf Facility Planned for Munich Area

Among surf sport enthusiasts, Munich is already well known for its standing wave in the Eisbach river and its artificial counterpart in the Jochen Schweizer Arena. In 2023, wave surfers will get another opportunity to practice their favorite sports not far from the Bavarian metropolis. In the municipality of Hallbergmoos, around 25 kilometers north of Munich, surfing fans will be able to enjoy the new SURFTOWN® MUC artificial surfing facility, the development of which is starting now. The approximately 20,000-square-meter surf pool, which is being created in cooperation with Canadian manufacturer WhiteWater West (product: Endless Surf), is being built as part of a new work-life quarter for which the municipality has now approved the development plan. Up to 700 surfers will be able to ride the waves at the same time on a wavelength of up to 180 meters.

All the electricity for the facility will be generated from renewable sources. 80 percent of it will be generated by a specially built photovoltaic system. Conrad Albert, who founded SURFTOWN together with Chris Boehm-Tettelbach and Michi Mohr, described the cooperation with the municipality as “constructive and professional” and added: “I am very pleased that we have found a location where the people share our enthusiasm for this project.” Adjacent to the surf area, there will be an approximately 29,000-square-meter multifunctional hybrid building called “Hybrid One” and including offices, restaurants and retail. The development company behind this project is the Rock Capital Group. The groundbreaking for SURFTOWN MUC is scheduled to take place this fall.

If you’d like to learn more about the trend of adventure sports facilities, including surf pools, read our special article series “Adventure Sports Parks Part II” in EAP 2/2021. (eap)

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