29 Aug 2023

Golf Entertainment Center Coming to New York and Tennessee

Golf Entertainment Center Coming to New York and Tennessee

Photo: Courtesy of Amusement Entertainment Management

(eap) Two new golf entertainment centers, called “ShotClub Social powered by OnCore”, will be opening in Buffalo, New York and Knoxville, Tennessee in the near future. The centers are being developed by golf ball manufacturer OnCore Golf Technology and ShotClub Social, LLC, in cooperation with consulting firm Amusement Entertainment Management (AEM). Each of the 40,000 square-foot (around 3,700-square-meter) facilities will include 60 golf driving range bays, an interactive 3-D game board, OnCore’s exclusive “GENiUS” ball technology, artificial intelligence-based on-site swing instruction, duckpin bowling as well as various entertainment games, simulators and virtual reality attractions. In addition, there will be fine-casual dining options. True to their offering, the entertainment centers are aimed at a broad target group ranging from families to adult and corporate groups.

Shareholders include entrepreneur Charles Schwab, golfer AI Geiberger and Bufallo Bill’s quarterback Josh Allen. In total USD 60 million (EUR 55,5 million) are being invested. “OnCore Golf Technology has the history, know-how, and bandwidth in the golf ball and technology sectors which, when combined with ShotClub Social’s development track record of notable projects will evolve the golf driving range experience to a new level not yet achieved within the sector. We look forward to bringing this dynamic experience to the communities of Buffalo and Knoxville in the near future,” says AEM’s Managing Partner Jerry Merola.

ShotClub Social’s CEO Doug Swift adds: “We’re very excited to be working with AEM and our local development partners in Buffalo and Knoxville on what we have spent the past several years refining and preparing for launch. The interest in off-course golf has reached record levels and the emergence of exciting new technologies to make the driving range experience both fun and instructional will make this a destination for golfers and non-golfers alike.” ■

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