15 Sep 2022

UK/USA: New Sports-Themed High-Tech Miniature Golf Concept Now Available

Last fall, the two companies Adventure Golf Sports (AGS) and Holovis presented “360Golf”, a new product on the leisure market that is intended to represent an interesting investment in a new guest experience, especially for FECs, amusement parks, bars, restaurants, hotels, resorts and cruise ships. Thanks to substantial interest in this new product within the industry, a complete nine-hole sports-themed course featuring automatic scoring, gamification and other interactive sensory play features has now been developed for the innovative concept.

Using the exclusive “Holotrac” technology developed by Holovis, this product combines the best of adventure golf and the high-tech features of a modern entertainment experience, designed to encourage repeat play. While the product has already been sold in the United Kingdom and Far East markets, it is now being sold throughout North America by AGS. A 360Golf facility can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The following theming options are available: archery, basketball, bowling, cricket, football, Formula1 racing, horse riding, pool billiards and surfing. (eap)

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