23 Feb 2024

Heide Park Reveals Dark Ride Secret

Heide Park Reveals Dark Ride Secret

Image: Courtesy of Heide Park Resort

(eap) In recent months, Germany’s Heide Park, which is located in Soltau and operated by Merlin Entertainments, has been running a mysterious marketing campaign to promote its new attraction, which was teased under the name of “Katakomben Tour”. The park has now revealed the secrets about its new attraction for the upcoming 2024 season. The Catacombs Tour will open soon under its real name of “Dämonen Gruft” (Engl.: “Demons’ Tomb”) – a dark ride located in the Transylvania area of the park, which – according to Heide Park – will be the scariest of its kind in Germany.

As of March 29, park guests can embark on an approx. three-minute scary tour – eight 4-person-vehicles ensure a high through-put. The new attraction, which was realized by Italian manufacturer Preston & Barbieri in collaboration with Alterface (who was responsible for AV, media and special effects integration, among other services), took 15 months in construction. ■

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