21 Sep 2007

Inselbad Bocholt: Westphalian Sauna House at “Bahia”

In consideration of a stronger regionalisation of offers, a “Westphalian sauna house” has been built at the Bocholt Inselbad (island bath) Bahia with an investment total of 260,000 euros. In the first half-year after opening, 77,000 sauna guests were counted. Their feedback was very positive. Thank to its distinctness, the concept of providing themed and also regionally oriented sauna offers promises to be successful. The sauna house was constructed with an arrangement of wood frames in the style of traditional Westphalian timber frame houses. The Westphalian sauna cabin called “Swet Kamer” (sweat chamber) offers around 50 guests room for a restorative sauna within 42 square metres of space. (eap)


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