26 Jun 2020

Ireland: Tayto Park Receives Approval on Two New Rollercoasters

Today, Ireland’s Tayto Park announced approval on two new steel intertwining rollercoasters, which are scheduled to open in 2023. Construction works on the two Vekoma coasters – a Family Boomerang and an Inverted Coaster, which will be intertwined in their layouts – will start next year. The park is investing some 15 million Euros into the coaster double, the development of which creates around 40 new jobs in the region.

“Today is a very exciting day for Tayto Park and Co. Meath. This is the largest single investment in our history! We currently employ 420 people and not only will the new coasters add employment to the local economy, they are securing the future of the park,” says Raymond Coyle, Founder of Tayto Park.

Over 1.5 million Euros were spent on noise reduction methods: This is made up of multiple factors which included completely redesigning the coasters after the initial planning stages. Designers reoriented the tracks to direct noise back into the park and away from housing in the area.

On Monday, 29th June Tayto Park will start into this year’s season and launch the new “Sherrif’s Shuffle” spinning carousel located in its “Eagles Nest” theme area. (eap)

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