10 May 2022

Italy: Networking and Dolce Vita – IAAPA Spring Summit in Rome

Italy: Networking and Dolce Vita – IAAPA Spring Summit in Rome

Die Summit-Teilnehmer werden u.a. die Cinecittà World besuchen.

From May 11 to 13, industry professionals will meet up again for the “IAAPA EMEA Spring Summit”, this time taking place in Rome. Panel discussions, keynotes and networking are to be dedicated primarily to the four main topics of sustainability, marketing, development and hybridization of parks.

This year’s speakers include: Stefano Cigarini, CEO Cinecittà World; Dr. Renato Lenzi, Chief Operational Officer of The Dolphin Company (operating group of Zoomarine) and Guido Zucchi, CEO of MagicLand – all three parks will be visited during the three-day event. Panel discussion participants will include Massimiliano Freddi, CEO of Wonderwood, Chairman of the IAAPA EMEA Education Subcommittee & member of the IAAPA Board of Directors; industry expert Filip De Witte of Austria’s Familypark; and Juergen Gevers, General Manager of the Association of German Amusement Parks and Attractions (VDFU). Stephanie Dahl of Karls Tourismus GmbH will also deliver a keynote.

In addition, attendees will have the opportunity to visit Villa Torlonia, an estate built in the 18th century that has been converted into a museum and is full of historical exhibits. “But, at the same time, throughout the rest of the event, our attendees will be looking into the future, as well, by gaining inspiration from industry experts and presentations on new ideas, trends, models, and ways of thinking,” explains Peter van der Schans, who is the new Executive Director & Vice President of IAAPA EMEA since April 4.

More IAAPA event news: Since due to ongoing Corona restrictions IAAPA Expo Asia in Hong Kong was cancelled for this year, IAAPA is now hosting as a digital replacement event the “IAAPA Expo Asia Virtual Conference” on June 21 and 22, which will be held on the association’s online platform “Connect+”. (eap)

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