20 Jan 2023

Legoland New York Adds New Water Playground

On March 31, Legoland New York Resort will once again open its doors to guests. This season, visitors can look forward to cooling off on hot summer days. A new water playground is being added to the visitor offer, stated to open on Memorial Day weekend. It will offer young guests slide fun on four slides as well as a Lego building station where ships can be built from the bricks and tested right away in a water canal. There are, of course, changing rooms near the water playground, so children can slip back into dry clothes and continue exploring the park and its attractions.

In addition, Legoland New York announces that it will be a certified Autism Center as of this upcoming season. To that end, the park is working with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES) to train Legoland staff on how to interact with guests with autism. As a measure to help affected guests enjoy their stay, the park will henceforth have sensory guides available at all attractions to educate on what effects and sounds guests can expect so that affected individuals can assess whether the attraction is suitable for them. In addition, the park provides general sensory guides online and on-site, among other things, and offers the option of taking breaks in quiet rooms so that children with higher sensitivities can take moments of silence. (eap)

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