19 Apr 2024

Loro Parque Presents Immersive Aquarium “Coral Kingdom”

Loro Parque Presents Immersive Aquarium “Coral Kingdom”

Photo: Courtesy of Loro Parque

Photo: Courtesy of Loro Parque (eap) The Spanish animal adventure park Loro Parque, which was opened in 1972 by the German Kiessling family as a pure parrot park and is now home to a wide variety of animal species, has been expanded to include a new coral aquarium. According to the park, it’s “the largest coral reef outside the sea”. The aquarium is around 40 meters long and is home to 8,000 corals from over 70 different species and almost 10,000 fish in more than 260,000 liters of water. Also thanks to the use of modern technologies, park visitors can immerse themselves in the underwater world with all their senses. The following companies were involved in the project: construction: Satocan, acrylic glass: DONCHAMP®, filtration: Tefcan, air conditioning: Electrofrio El Valle, waterproofing: Julio Crespo.

In addition to these, the Austrian company Attraktion! was responsible for transforming the coral reef into an immersive experience. Using 360-degree projections and holograms, visitors are given the feeling of standing on sandy ground at the bottom of the sea while the waves crash above them. Attraktion! supplied both the projectors and the related media content. ■

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