02 Mar 2023

Major Expansion Planned for Roma World for the Years 2024-2030

The Italian theme park Roma World, which is part of the Cinecittà World, theme park opened in the summer of 2020 under difficult conditions during the pandemic. Now the park has announced its expansion plans for the next seven years. Currently, it features six hectares of land with various attractions and structures such as ancient temples, legions and arenas that take visitors back to ancient Rome (check out EAP-issue 4/2020 in which we reported on the opening).

In a first phase of expansion, guests can expect a new historical show called “Roma on Fire” in 2024, which is scheduled to debut on June 1. Part of the show are chariot races, army parades, and games and battles that will take place on the new set of the movie “Ben Hur”, which will recreate the Circus Maximus. Actors and dancers of the show, which will be directed by Kitonb Production Company, come from all over Europe. 

Imperial Rome is to be experienced by visitors in 2025 and will be built around the Circus Maximus. On an area of 12 hectares, Rome will be reconstructed at its most magnificent time. Indoor and outdoor sets with imperial temples and theaters, as well as a slum with stores and merchants, will immerse guests in the historical era.

In a third phase, which is planned to last from 2026 to 2030, the main provinces of the empire are to be reconstructed according to the guiding principle “Rome wasn’t built in a day”. Five themed areas, “Pompei”, “Gaul”, “Barbarians Village”, “Ancient Egypt”, and “Jerusalem and Morocco”, are to be built here on 70 hectares (this is more than twice the area of Cinecittà World). Each area will include attractions, restaurants and overnight accommodations in the styles of ancient times. (eap)

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