31 Oct 2022

Netherlands: Efteling Reveals First Details on Future Theme Area & Its Unique “Danse Macabre” Main Attraction

On this Halloween day, Efteling has revealed some first concrete details about its new “spooky” theme area currently under development, which is scheduled for completion in 2024 and will be called “Huyverwoud”. “Danse Macabre”, the future main attraction of the new area, which will be housed in a 20-metre-high building and replace the previous “Spookslot”, will be a unique motion-based ride custom-developed by Intamin. In order to dance to the tones of the eponymous piece of music by the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns († 1921), guests will take a seat on one of a total of six choir stalls, each mounted on a turntable. The turntables are mounted on another large turntable, 18 metres in diameter, which rises, tilts and falls. Visitors can expect an eerie thrill ride experience with immersive show technology – up to 108 people can take part in the experience per show.

In order to create some anticipation for the attraction and the encompassing Huyverwoud themed area (which, in addition to “Danse Macabre”, will also include a gastronomy, shop and further entertainment), Efteling visitors can meet the “Charlatan family” with their extraordinary barrel organ at the attraction’s construction site from 19 November this year. According to the storyline, the family has been travelling the world for generations... After many years of wandering, “Prof. Dr. Virginie Charlatan” and her husband “Otto” have landed in the eerie Huyverwoud. Virginie is certain: her whole life was a preparation for coming to this gloomy place...

In addition to the new themed area, Efteling is also currently building the new “Efteling Grand Hotel”, which is also scheduled to open in 2024, expanding the park’s existing accommodation offer – construction work has started recently. (eap)

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