19 Apr 2024

New Family Coaster at Jaderpark Opens Next Week

New Family Coaster at Jaderpark Opens Next Week

(eap) Northern Germany’s Jaderpark, which started into this year’s season on March 16, has a new theme area in store for guests with a family roller coaster as the main attraction. From Saturday, April 27, visitors will have the opportunity to discover the “Lütjes Moor” area for the first time and take a ride on the “Ziegelblitz” Bobsled coaster (by Gerstlauer Amusement Rides). The attraction is a custom-installation for Jaderpark with a track length of around 500 meters. The vehicles whizz along the track at a speed of around 55 km/h, making the family-friendly ride fun suitable for younger children, too.

Read all about Jaderpark’s new themed area, which is dedicated to steel and stones, and the Ziegelblitz coaster in one of our upcoming magazine issues. ■

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