05 Jun 2024

New Multimedia Sky Tower Combines Views with Immersion

New Multimedia Sky Tower Combines Views with Immersion

Images: Courtesy of Huss Park Attractions

(eap) Bremen-based manufacturer Huss Park Attractions now has an observation tower in its portfolio that combines spectacular views with a multimedia experience. The “Sky Tower Multimedia” combines the Sky Tower observation attraction with the film-based “Explorer” ride type to create innovative experiences. The basic concept of the tower with its ring-shaped passenger gondola and the seats facing outwards towards the surrounding panoramic window front has been retained. As the cabin ascends to its maximum height of 80 meters, it slowly rotates around the tower axis so that passengers can enjoy a 360-degree panoramic view.

Once at the top, an additional highlight awaits passengers thanks to the new multimedia component. The floor of the capsule opens to lower the gondola into a multimedia theater and closes again for a high degree of immersion. The circular theater hall features a 360-degree screen on which the custom-content (a real, CGI or mixed film on a theme of choice) is played. Audio-visual effects and sensory elements complete the setting. For example, guests can first enjoy a “real” panoramic view of a theme park resort (or, of course, a city or landscape) and then immerse themselves in a multimedia-staged world such as the depths of the sea or a distant galaxy before finally returning to the real environment and slowly returning to the base station. The passenger cabin can hold up to 70 people, the attraction has a maximum capacity of 1,400 pph. The first Sky Tower Multimedia has already been delivered to the Golden Bay Resort in Shenzhen (China), where the equipment is now being installed. ■

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