22 Sep 2023

Nintendo Announces Museum Coming to Former Production Facility

Nintendo Announces Museum Coming to Former Production Facility

(eap) In March 2024, a new Nintendo museum is scheduled to launch in Kyōto, tentatively named “Nintendo Gallery”. The concept encompasses an experiential exhibition that will vividly depict the history of Nintendo products. Today known as one of the leading video game and console makers, Nintendo had been manufacturing playing cards in the fabrics hall that will be used for the gallery, including its surrounding areas.

Nintendo is especially known for its IP brands such as “Mario™”, “Donkey Kong™”, “The Legend of Zelda™” and “Pokémon™”, some of which can be found in the theming and storytelling of amusement parks worldwide. In cooperation with Universal Creative, a “Super Nintendo World”-themed area was created just earlier this year at Universal Studios Hollywood in the USA. Similar worlds are already planned for Universal Studios Singapore, and Universal’s Epic Universe currently under development in Orlando. Another Nintendo World was opened at Universal Studios Japan in 2021, which is being expanded with a “Donkey Kong” area set to launch next season. ■

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