13 Mar 2019

Norway: Kongeparken Announces New Drop Tower “Stupet“

Norway’s Kongeparken amusement park will invest a total of 3.1 million EUR (30 million NOK) in the construction of a new drop tower attraction, slated to open at the park as this year’s big novelty on June 13th. The 80-metre high tower, which will be supplied by Austrian manufacturer Funtime, will receive the name of “Stupet” and will also be used as an observation platform.

In the mornings, visitors to the park will be able to enjoy views across the park and the nearby coastline, sitting in the 24-seat, rotating gondola towering in 242 meters above sea level. In the afternoon, thrill seekers will be challenged to test their limits: With an acceleration of more than 3g and speeds of 125 kilometers in two seconds passengers will “fall down” towards the ground, where a magnetic brake mechanism will ensure that the ride stops smoothly. At determined times during the day, visitors will be surprised whether to experience a scenic tour or a thrilling free fall.

“This will be an amazing experience of extreme proportions. In the mornings you can enjoy the view at the top before being slowly let down to ground level. In the afternoon, the more adventurous can summon their inner hero,” says Håkon Lund, CEO of Lund Group, which operates Kongeparken.

“We are confident that ‘Stupet’, along with our other attractions directed specifically towards the more mature audience, will make Rogaland a destination for the entire family,” adds Kongeparken CEO Pål Winter.

Kongeparken will start into its new season on April 13th. (eap)

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