16 Mar 2023

Norwegian Theme Park Kongeparken Announces New Zamperla Attraction

The Norwegian amusement park Kongeparken, which belongs to the Lund Gruppen, has announced a new attraction for this summer. “Raset” is the name of the new attraction, which is a Disk’ O coaster from the Italian manufacturer Zamperla. For the construction of the attraction, 10,000 cubic meters of stone have already been blasted away, so that the future ride can be built into the rock and Raset and nature “go hand in hand”.

“This thrill-filled ride is sure to give our guests a unique experience as the journey goes both up, down and spinning around the edge of the mountain, so here guests will really feel the forces of nature unleashed,” says Håkon Lund, owner of the Lund Gruppen.

“We are sure that ‘Raset’ will be a favourite, and we look forward to seeing the smiles and hearing the joy when guests take the ride for the very first time. We look forward to many guests visiting us and experience Norway’s first ride of this type,” says CEO of Kongeparken, Therese Oddsen. (eap)

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