03 Nov 2023

PAPERDICE Group Takes over Escape Room Locations in Ruhr Region

PAPERDICE Group Takes over Escape Room Locations in Ruhr Region

Courtesy of PAPERDICE Group

(eap) Headquartered in Berlin, the PAPERDICE Group is one of Germany’s largest operators of Escape Rooms. Its existing portfolio has recently grown with the addition of two more locations (in Dortmund and Duisburg), bringing the group’s total to eleven Escape Rooms in nine cities under the TeamEscape brand, plus the ELORIA Erlebnisfabrik in Bottrop as a separate location. In Duisburg, the company has taken over the existing TeamEscape and in Dortmund the EXIT Dortmund, which will be integrated into the TeamEscape brand world and will soon operate under a new name.

“In Stuttgart, we laid the foundation stone of the German Escape Room scene almost ten years ago. As a result, we have been able to expand our concept to numerous cities. After we first set foot in the Ruhr region three years ago with the establishment of the Eloria Erlebnisfabrik, we recognized the great potential of this region for leisure activity offerings,” sums up Michael Bierhahn, founder of the Paperdice Group. In the future, the company wants to closely link their locations in neighboring cities. “For us, the regional proximity not only opens up opportunities for cross-marketing to inspire visitors for the various offers. There are also synergy effects in operation, for example enabling us to give employees more flexibility in their choice of workplace,” says Bierhahn.

According to Paperdice Group, their further expansion also represents an important signal on the market. “After a real hype about Escape Rooms arose in the past years, the scene is in a kind of consolidation phase. Many providers have been able to position themselves successfully on the market, while others are just discovering new business models for themselves. We observe an unbroken high interest in Escape Room experiences. For this reason, we are asserting ourselves not only as an operator, but also as a creative forge and enabler for Escape Games from other providers,” says Arthur Castro, Managing Director of Escape Erlebnis GmbH, which is responsible for the TeamEscape locations within the Paperdice Group. The company is therefore not only expanding its operational business, but also offers, among other things, DIE SPIELARCHITEKTEN, an agency for gamification and serious games, and DIE KULISSENMACHER, a company for the construction and renovation of Escape Rooms. ■

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