06 Dec 2023

Snowtunnel: Year-Round Winter Sports Action

Snowtunnel: Year-Round Winter Sports Action

Image: Courtesy of Snowtunnel Technology

(eap) In recent years, extreme and adventure sports have become increasingly popular with the general public (read also our special feature in EAP issues 2/2021 und 3/2021). From surf simulators to indoor skydiving and indoor skiing, such activities are becoming available to a broad target group all year round. The inventor of Snowtunnel®, Darren Visser, himself a passionate winter sports enthusiast, shares this vision and has been working for over 20 years on a new product that will give snowboarders and skiers the chance to enjoy their beloved sport all year round. The current version of the Snowtunnel is a rotating tube with a diameter of ten meters. The rotating action of the tube is said to let snowboarding feel like a mixture of snowboarding, surfing and skating. Riding in the snow tunnel is supposed to be fun for beginners and experienced winter sports enthusiasts alike.

The inner surface of the tunnel is artificial powder snow, which is maintained by cooling channels. According to the manufacturer, this should make snowboarding/skiing possible even in warm regions in summer. If someone falls in the tunnel, getting up should not be a problem, but in an emergency, the rotating tunnel can also be stopped by the operator at any time. The installation of a single snow tunnel requires an area of around 300 square meters, including space for the necessary chilling equipment and water storage. If buyers opt for the triple tunnel system with a connecting platform, an area of some 1,200 square meters excluding the chilling equipment and water storage must be planned. The company behind the product, Snowtunnel Technology, was founded last year by Darren Visser together with Chris Northwood, the founder of Activ8 Capital/Activ8 Ventures. ■

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