15 Aug 2019

Spain: Barcelona’s Tibidabo Amusement Park Modernizes Funicular Railway

The historic amusement park Tibidabo located on the eponymous 512-meter high mountain in the city of Barcelona can be reached by visitors via a funicular railway (amongst other means of transport), which has been connecting the Plaça del Doctor Andreu in the city district of Serrià-Sant Gervasi with the Plaça Tibidabo since 1901, over an altitude of 252 meters. Over the years, it underwent frequent renovation works.

This September, the funicular railway will be closed to be completely modernized. As of autumn 2020, a new funicular in a futuristic design is scheduled to start operation, set to transport guests over the same connecting route to Tibidabo. Italy-based Leitner Ropeways company was commissioned with the realization of the project, which includes the implementation of modern technologies, the guarantee of the latest safety standards (including the installation of an improved door mechanism) and an improved guest experience.

The passenger cabins will offer more space, featuring an open design with large window facades for an all-round panoramic view of the surrounding area. Interactive screens and onboard entertainment will turn the funicular itself into an attraction. The travel speed will be accelerated from currently four meters to ten meters per second, and the total capacity of the means of transport is to be increased from 120 to 252 passengers per journey. Also, the funicular will be equipped with a new lighting system, giving it its future name of “Cuca de Llum” (Engl. “Firefly”).

In the current holiday month of August, Tibidabo amusement park, which is operated by the city of Barcelona, registers an average of 5,500 visitors per day, in the 2018 season, total attendance was 719,068 guests. A new experience among the park’s attractions is the renovated “Castell dels Contes” fairytale castle, which was reopened as a walkthrough in late 2018, inviting young park guests to take an interactive journey of discovery and riddles related to popular fairytales. (eap)

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