17 Oct 2022

Sweden: Liseberg Announces Reopening of “Balder” Woodie & Bookability of Coming New “Grand Curiosa” Hotel

In due time for the start of this year’s Halloween season, Liseberg recently reopened its popular “Balder” wooden coaster (by Intamin), which had been closed for over a year for comprehensive modernization works. After track-bearing wooden beams had already been replaced regularly in previous years, a more extensive renovation of the ride, which opened in 2003, started at the end of the 2021 season. The ride has a total length of 1,070 metres and consists of 190,000 metres of wood, among other components. The renovation project, which has now been completed at a cost of around EUR 3.6 million (SEK 40 million), was delayed due to global supply chain delays, but the park team and visitors are all the more pleased about the reopening of the wooden major attraction: “It’s wonderful that we can reopen ‘Balder’, which is also one of my personal favourites in the park, after an extensive renovation,” says Liseberg’s CEO Andreas Andersen. Visitors can now enjoy rides on the “Woodie” again, experiencing a max. velocity of 90 km/h and negative g-forces no less than ten times.

Furthermore, Liseberg has just announced the bookability of its upcoming new “Grand Curiosa” hotel, which is scheduled to welcome its first overnight guests as of 23 April 2023, just in time for the park’s 100th anniversary season, during which a new rollercoaster will also open. (eap)

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