15 Sep 2021

Switzerland: Zurich Zoo Aims at Setting New Standards & Presents Development Plan 2050

Today, Zurich Zoo has presented its new “development plan 2050“, following the completion of the prior “development plan 2030“ with the opening of the “Lewa Savanne“ last year. The zoo aims at setting new standards in both, animal welfare and visitor experience. In the next 30 years, the zoo will develop eleven new large-scale habitats in which animals will be living in socialized groups together as in the wild. As the first project, the new “Pantanal Voliere“ – a mega aviary for parrots, amongst other bird species – will open in 2025 followed by other themed habitats such as “Kongo“ (2029), “Sumatra Rainforest“ and “Sea Coast“ (both after 2030). The new habitats will all be constructed on the current site of the zoo comprising 27 hectares. Read all about Zurich Zoo’s development plan 2050 in one of our upcoming magazine issues. (eap)

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