17 Feb 2022

UK: New 3D Projection Mapping Show Attracts Visitors to Boscombe Shopping Street

Boscombe high street in East Bournemouth (southern England) has become home to a new permanently installed outdoor 3D projection mapped show. Located opposite the Sovereign Shopping Centre, the show is being played every day and will be updated throughout the year to keep guests returning to see the next instalments. The initiative has been launched by Bournemouth Coastal BID, in partnership with Bournemouth Towns Fund, and designed and installed by LCI Productions. For the show, which is being displayed on an 18 x 11 metre show surface, a digital projection “M-Vision 23000-WU DPL“ projector has been installed, as well as a show control computer and a “BrightSign“ media player. Eight outdoor speakers surround the projection mapped canvas to create a full multisensory experience for guests.

Fiona McArthur, Bournemouth Coastal BID Manager, says, “We have futureproofed this experience so that the content and show can regularly be updated. We have different shows planned throughout the year and also have the capability of showing live sport, so we can project it onto the side of the building. This has allowed us to create a multifunctional space and invite people throughout the year to come along and have a memorable experience.“

“This project is an example of retailtainment at its finest! We have created a guest experience that is akin with what you would expect to experience at a theme park with the combination of 3D visuals and surround audio immersing the audience into the scene. This is a fantastic initiative to encourage people to visit their local high street and the evolving show experience will keep them returning time and time again,“ explains Rob Paul, Design Director, LCI Productions.

We last reported on current developments and the possibilities of modern projection mapping in our feature article “The Perfect Illusion“ in EAP issue 1/2021. (eap)

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