05 Sep 2017

UK: Projection Mapping Fascinates Visitors at Fantasy Island

Located in the British county of Lincolnshire, Fantasy Island amusement park enthuses its visitors with a new projection mapping show, which does not make use of a classical canvas but projected onto an artificial rock in a formerly low-visited park area. The rock, named “The Mystical Mountain”, has been created on an existing twelve meter (40 feet) high mountainous theming within a covered area at the centre of the park. British Holovis has created the projection mapping including the loveable “Mystical Mountain” IP character. The company also installed three Barco F90 laser-based projectors and a Green Hippo Hippotiser server. Within the show sequences, gushing water, explosive larva eruption visual effects, lighting and audio create a fascinating visitor experience. With two daily performances, one of which takes place later in the evening, the park succeeds in extending the visitors’ stay and the guests’ spend per head.

Peter Cliff, Creative Director at Holovis, explained: “[…] The result is a multipurpose canvas that Fantasy Island can easily update with new seasonal shows throughout the year to keep audiences engaged […],” he said. (eap)

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