14 Jul 2021

USA: Falcon’s Beyond Global Launches as Development Enterprise for IP-Driven Parks, Resorts & Media

It has now been announced that the Falcon‘s Creative Group will from now on operate as Falcon‘s Beyond Global and will market its own “Katmandu“ brand and other partner IPs more strongly worldwide and especially in the areas of theme parks, resorts, movies and series as well as merchandise. For this reason, Falcon‘s entered into a joint venture with Meliá Hotels International to jointly develop resort offerings. Together with new characters, a streaming video series and merchandise, the proven Katmandu IP is to be further expanded.

Cecil D. Magpuri (photo right), CEO of Falcon’s Beyond Global and founder of the original Falcon’s Creative Group, said: “We develop inclusive, story-driven experiences that we can bring to market with unprecedented speed, removing all the massive challenges IP franchises and developers face when attempting this feat on their own.“

Scott Demerau (photo left), Executive Chairman of Falcon’s Beyond Global and co-founder of Katmandu Group, added: “Through our partnership with Meliá, we have created a new playbook for building cost-effective, ‘Big-Experience, Small-Footprint’ theme parks, from beach resort communities to mixed-use entertainment spaces. Falcon’s Beyond Global brings a full complement of technology, design, and media expertise to the equation. Together, we are offering something that’s simply never been accessible to companies before. This is a huge benefit to developers, emerging IPs, and even entertainment giants.”

And André Gerondeau, Chief Operating Officer of Meliá Hotels International, commented: “Katmandu-themed parks and resorts will be a vital part of our story moving forward, and we feel this initiative puts us five years ahead of the rest of the hospitality industry in delivering ‘entertainment with rooms.’ […]“ (eap)

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