20 Jan 2022

USA: New Vest Restraint System Enables Guests to Fly Like Superman at Six Flags Fiesta Texas

At the Six Flags Fiesta Texas high-thrill amusement park (located in San Antonio, Texas), visitors can now experience the venue’s “SkyScreamer“ StarFlyer attraction (from Funtime) in the prone position in addition to the classic seating position to fly through the air like Superman around the approx. 60-meter-high tower. A new vest restraint system developed by Ride Entertainment in cooperation with Funtime and Skycoaster®, which can be easily retrofitted as a module to existing StarFlyer installations (and also as a temporary element), enables this novel experience for adrenaline-hungry visitors.

“This simple modification to the iconic StarFlyer shows just how imaginative our team is,“ says Ed Hiller, CEO and Founder of Ride Entertainment. “With wonderful partners like Funtime and Skycoaster® working together under one umbrella, we were able to deliver a truly unique and memorable collaboration for our customer.”

“SkyScreamer offers a unique opportunity to showcase Six Flags’ innovative approach to creating a dynamic guest experience. The reaction has been fun to watch and our guests are thrilled by the new option,” adds Six Flags Fiesta Texas Park President Jeffrey Siebert. (eap)

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