18 Jul 2022

USA: Official Launch of 20th Park Coaster – “Wonder Woman Flight of Courage” at Six Flags Magic Mountain Now Open!

“Today we’re making history with the debut of our record 20th coaster, the most at any theme park in the world. We are extremely proud to be the first theme park to accomplish this unprecedented and amazing feat as we add yet another world-class coaster to our iconic lineup,” said Don McCoy, Park President of Six Flags Magic Mountain, on the occasion of the official launch of the park’s latest coaster novelty this past Saturday: The single-rail steel coaster dubbed “Wonder WomanTM Flight of Courage” is open to guests now. The over one kilometer long track of the coaster features, among other elements, an 87° inclined first drop, three intense inversions and a number of other thrill elements – see EAP News of 22 Oct 2021. The ride –themed with the “Wonder Woman” IP, a character of the Warner Bros. subsidiary DC Comics – was again developed in cooperation with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment. It was built by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC).

“Wonder Woman Flight of Courage is unlike any other coaster at our park and delivers a unique and thrilling experience for our guests. The expansion of DC Universe, one of our park’s most popular themed areas, highlights our dedication to creating new, immersive experiences and rides for thrill seekers of all ages,” McCoy added. A new merchandise shop dedicated to DC characters completes the “DC UniverseTM” themed area, which also features the “BatmanTM The Ride” Inverted Coaster and the renamed “Teen TitansTM” Turbo Spin. (eap)

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