25 Aug 2021

USA: SeaWorld San Antonio Announces New “Tidal Surge“ Thrill Ride for 2022

Following the opening of the new“Texas Stingray“ coaster experience (Great Coasters International) at SeaWorld San Antonio last year (see EAP 6/2020), the park has already announced its next new thrill attraction named “Tidal Surge“, which will provide visitors with an extra portion of “goosebumps“ as of spring 2022. This attraction will be a pendulum ride by S&S with a total capacity for 40 riders at a time. During the ride, the two pendulum arms will swing into a height of over 41 metres (135 feet) and accelerate to a maximum speed of almost 110 km/h (68 mph). While swinging back-and-forth the ride creates multiple airtime moments. Riders‘ legs will dangle and hang as they soar over the waterski lake and enjoy the view over the park, while reaching multiple negative G moments before plunging back towards earth. (eap)

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