22 Oct 2021

USA: Six Flags Magic Mountain Announces New “Wonder Woman Flight of Courage“ for Summer 2022

As of summer 2022, visitors to the Six Flags Magic Mountain thrill park located in California will be able to experience the park’s already 20th roller coaster. “WONDER WOMAN™ Flight of Courage“ will be the “tallest and longest single-rail roller coaster on the planet“, according to the park. The new coaster, manufactured by Rocky Mountain Construction (RMC), will be built in the “DC UNIVERSE™“ themed area. After “SUPERMAN™: Escape from Krypton“ and „BATMAN™ The Ride“ (amongst others), the theming of the coaster is once again being developed in cooperation with Warner Bros. and the comic book publisher DC.

At the beginning of the track, which is just over one kilometre (3,300 feet) long, the trains will climb up a 39-metre-high (131-foot) lift hill and then rush down an 87-degree first drop. From here, they will wind rapidly through three inversions including a 180-degree stall, a raven dive and a zero-G roll. During the ride, a top speed of around 93 km/h (53 mph) will be reached. Each train will offer a capacity for twelve passengers seated one behind the other.

“This is an historic milestone for our park as we introduce the latest addition to our unrivaled coaster dynasty, WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage. Not only is this a record-breaking single-rail coaster, it brings Six Flags Magic Mountain’s coaster count to an unprecedented twenty, the most in the world. Our partnership with Warner Bros. Themed Entertainment makes this accomplishment even more exciting, as we integrate the legacy of an iconic DC Super Hero into the theming of the ride. Additionally, we are creating a more innovative guest experience by redesigning one of our most popular areas, DC UNIVERSE, which will become the home of WONDER WOMAN Flight of Courage,” commented Park President Don McCoy. (eap)

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