13 Nov 2009

Vitam’Parc Opens in France


Southwest of Geneva in France’s Département Haute-Savoie is the peaceful town of Neydens, where the official grand opening of the new Vitam’Parc was held on the 19th of October after a good three years of construction.  The 70-million euro expensive Vitam’Parc is a complex of buildings with a total of 40,000 square metres holding a wide range of recreational attractions. Among these are a swimming area with indoor and outdoor pools, a wellness oasis with a sauna and Turkish bath, a sports area with gym, racquet sports and a climbing wall, as well as a shopping gallery, hotel and a number of culinary offers. Since early September already, guests had had free access to the shopping gallery and sports area as part of a sort of sneak preview.  On 20th October, the water area was now also opened to guests, the largest area of the entire complex with its 21,000 square metres of surface space. Swimmers can find five different pools in the indoor area here, three outdoors, nine slides, and five additional wellness basins. The Aquabar and restaurant Vitam’In also cater to guests’ well-being. The Vitam’Parc expects an annual number of 630,000 visitors.  (eap)


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