21 Aug 2023

World’s First Ultra Surf Coaster Coming to the USA in 2024

(eap) The world’s first Ultra Surf coaster is scheduled to open at Six Flags Over Georgia next year. The new product from Intamin is similar in its track design to the manufacturer’s Ultra Splash coaster. A W-shaped track with an airtime hill and two almost vertical spikes characterize the nearly 590-feet (about 180-meters)-long track. During the ride, guests are accelerated up to 60 mph (approx. 97 km/h) by an LSM launch and reach a height of 144 feet (about 44 meters) at the highest spike element. One of the special features of the new attraction is the train, whose shape is reminiscent of a surfboard, on which there are two free-rotating gondolas that can accommodate a total of 20 people. In addition, four different water effects await visitors on the adrenaline-pumping forward and backward ride. The refreshing effects can also be turned off so that the coaster can be operated in the cooler months. We presented Intamin’s new coaster model for the first time in our EAP issue 5/2021, p. 124. ■

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