31 Oct 2023

iROC Certification for Dreamworld & WhiteWater World

iROC Certification for Dreamworld & WhiteWater World

Ardent Leisure's Dreamworld & WhiteWater World in Australia.

(eap) Ardent Leisure Group-operated sister parks Dreamworld and WhiteWater World (located on the Gold Coast, Australia) are participating in the International Ride Operator Certification Program (“iROC” certification) of Nashville, USA-based International Ride Training (IRT), becoming the first Australian amusement facilities to receive the corresponding IRT certification for their ride operator staff. Dreamworld and WhiteWater World thus join the ranks of nearly 50 amusement and theme parks (mostly located in Canada and the USA) that have taken advantage of IRT’s ride operator safety program (including training in risk management, accountability, education, communication and auditing services). Theme parks, water parks, FECs and similar amusement facilities worldwide can participate in the program. Last year, nearly 15,000 ride operators were certified under the requirements of the iROC program.

“IRT could not be more excited to welcome Dreamworld and WhiteWater World to the iROC Family! As two of the premier attractions in Australia, their depth of experience, dedication to safety, and adherence to high professional standards are a perfect fit with and will enhance the iROC Program globally. As the first iROC facilities in Australia, Dreamworld and WhiteWater World have demonstrated their commitment to having the safest, most efficient, and most professional ride and aquatic operators in the world and IRT is so pleased to be able to partner with them in this effort,” said Erik Beard, Managing Member and General Counsel for IRT.

Michelle Erasmus, Operations Director at Dreamworld, added, “Dreamworld and WhiteWater World are incredibly proud to be the first Australian theme parks to implement the International Ride Operator Certification program. With a focus on pursuing global-best safety standards across all of our park’s operations, IRT has provided us the consistency and confidence to continue delivering exceptional experiences for all of our guests.”

Among the leisure facilities and attractions with iROC-certified ride operators in their teams are Cedar Point, Fun Spot America Theme Parks, Glenwood Caverns, Canada’s Wonderland, San Antonio Zoo and the New York New York Hotel and Casino. ■

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