04 Aug 2022

China/Canada: New Double Walkthrough Attraction at Fabland Valley Resort Xiangyang Now Open

OCT Group-owned and -operated Fabland Valley Resort in Xiangyang (Hubei Province), China, celebrated the opening of its new “Hive Break” walkthrough attraction (which was delayed due to the pandemic), located at the “Alien Port” in the park and featuring two routes with interwoven storylines. The experience, which was designed by Canadian manufacturer Triotech and implemented on an area of more than 1,000 square metres, is divided into three sections: In the first zone, a motion simulator awaits visitors before they then move on to the second section, which serves as a “training facility” for the – depending on the route chosen – pirates or bounty hunters and has been equipped with Triotech’s proprietary interactive “IllusioTM” projection mapping technology. Part three of the walkthrough is an interactive theatre. All interactive media content was customised and created in Triotech’s own studio in Montreal using the “UNREALTM” game engine software.

“OCT and Triotech have a long collaborative history with a dozen projects completed over recent years. OCT Group understand their guests very well and recognize the importance of creative attractions that feature advanced technology. This is what Triotech delivers combining the expertise of our teams in Montreal, France, and Beijing,” mentioned Ernest Yale, President and CEO of Triotech.

“During the execution of this project, Triotech’s teams worked closely with us to overcome the adverse impact of the pandemic on the dispatch of workers, the arrival of goods, on-site installation and commissioning, and ensured that the attraction opened on time,” stated Mr. Wang from the Equipment Management Department at OCT. His colleague, Mr. Tian from the Operation Department, added, “This walkthrough is very unique and special, the three attractions of each zone are perfectly connected with the storyline, bringing an immersive experience to visitors of all ages. We’ve got very positive feedback from our guests.” (eap)