02 Sep 2019

Netherlands: Efteling Closes Bobsleigh Coaster – Start of Construction Works on “Max & Moritz”

After 34 years and a total of 6.5 million kilometers travelled, the bobsleigh coaster at Efteling theme park was closed down yesterday. The attraction was opened on 4 April 1985 as the park’s fourth ride with “a guarantee for thrill”. It will now be replaced by the new “Max & Moritz” family coaster (a Powered Coaster from German manufacturer Mack Rides”, cf. EAP News of 9 Oct 2018) – construction works on the new attraction start today, its opening is scheduled for spring 2020.

Still in this year’s season, park visitors can look forward to the upcoming opening of the new fairytale experience on “The Six Swans” (a fairytale written by the Brothers Grimm) on 28 September (cf. EAP News of 21 Sept 2018). Read more about the 30th addition to the park’s fairytale forest in our Nov/Dec issue. (eap)