13 Sep 2019

USA: SeaWorld Entertainment Reveals Details on Next Year’s Novelties at Orlando- & Tampa-based Parks

During a press conference held yesterday, further details were revealed about next year’s novelties at SeaWorld Entertainment’s Orlando- and Tampa-based theme and water parks.

With “Ice Breaker” a new multi-launch coaster is coming to SeaWorld Orlando, a family-friendly ride featuring four launch sections for both backward and forward acceleration. The experience starts with a backward launch, before the coaster train rushes along the track layout, including twists, turns and airtime moments. A highlight of the coaster layout will be a just under 29 meter (95 feet) high halfpipe element with an inclination of 100 degrees, which riders are launched up to drop back down. The new coaster will be open for guests with a body height of 1.2 meters and over. The new attraction, which will be SeaWorld Orlando’s sixth coaster, will be located in the “Wild Arctic” area of the park.

A few months ago, Busch Gardens Tampa Bay already provided park guests and coaster fans with a sneak peek of its coaster novelty set to debut in spring 2020: in the place of the closed “Gwazi” wooden coaster an all-new hybrid coaster from Rocky Mountain Construction will take shape during the next months to start operation next year (cp. EAP News of 8 March 2019). During the press conference yesterday, Busch Gardens revealed its name: “Iron Gwazi”.

Located opposite to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay, the Adventure Island waterpark (also belonging to the SeaWorld group) will open a new slide next year, a “dual tailspin” model dubbed “Solar Vortex”. Guests will be able to experience the over 15 meter high attraction sitting in two- or four-person rafts. In addition, the new slide will feature “AquaLucent” technology for special light & color effects.

In addition, SeaWorld’s Aquatica waterpark in Orlando will also receive a new attraction next year, the name of which will be “Riptide Race”. (eap)