09 Jan 2020

USA: MajorMega To Install New “Hyperdeck“ VR Attraction at Hersheypark for Summer 2020

With “Hyperdeck”, Pennsylvania-based Hersheypark will launch a new VR gaming attraction this summer, installed by US MajorMega technology company. Two versions of the 300-square-feet (just under 28-square-meter) Hyperdeck will invite visitors to step into a virtual world and complete exciting missions and adventures. The systems feature a full-motion floor and multi-sensory effects such as strong winds, heat and earth-rattling movements.

“Throughout our 112-year-history, we have always focused on providing our guests of all ages with fun and innovative entertainment experiences. We’re excited to debut Hyperdeck as a first-of-its-kind immersive VR game and the first on the Northeast as part of our transformational expansion of Hershey’s Chocolatetown,” comments Vikki Hultquist, General Manager of Hersheypark.

The Hyperdeck VR arenas will be located in the new “Hershey’s Chocolatetown” theme area, which is currently under construction (cf. EAP News of 17 Jan 2019). (eap)