21 Mar 2017

Austria: Physiotherm Launches New 360° Panoramic Infrared Gondola

Austria: Physiotherm Launches New 360° Panoramic Infrared Gondola

Foto: Christoph Morlok

Physiotherm, one of the leading manufacturers of infrared cabins, recently presented its new 360° panoramic infrared gondola on the Trade Fair for Craft Trades in Munich/Germany, which was held from March 8th to 14th, 2017. The innovative concept is based on a classic ski gondola which has been converted into an infrared cabin, offering relaxing warmth and an all-round panoramic view. The infrared gondola features SENSOcare® technology, enabling a continuous measurement of the skin’s temperature to individually adapt the infrared intensity.

In addition, another infrared beamer is installed in the gondola’s interior. The gondolas can be placed in any outdoor area, the required space measures four square meters. This mobile wellness offer has been developed in cooperation with Felix Tarantik and Toni Egger. Thanks to the gondola’s previous use in ski resorts, the new infrared facility offers high weather resistance. “The gondolas have been subsequently insulated. In this way they can flexibly be used in winter times as well, without any loss of heat,” explained Josef Gunsch, CEO of Physiotherm. Operation of the infrared gondolas requires a classic 230 Volt power connection. (eap)

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